Saturday, February 6, 2010

Xomba and She Told me, They are Earning!


I have been active with SheToldMe for a little more than a month, and I am seeing my earnings trickle in. I do have 2 people that I have referred, but neither of them have submitted anything. This means that the earnings that I am seeing is coming from the things that I have submitted to SheToldMe. I have submitted more than 500 of my articles on the site. In addition to the earnings that I am making from SheToldMe, I am getting earnings on the articles that I am promoting.


I have only been with Xomba for two wees, but I am begining to see earnings from the site. I did not have big expectations from Xomba because I have heard mixed reviews about the site, but I am enjoying it. I have posted 2 Xombytes and 35 Xomblurbs so far. The earnings are small at the moment, but they continue to grow on a regular basis. I am pleasantly surprised with the progress. In the next week I will be posting more on the site so I can increase my earnings.

I use both of the above sites to promote my articles and blog posts. I find them very helpful in getting traffic, and earning from the posts I put on the sites. If you write online these two sites are worth checking out. They make a great traffic tool, and additional earning source.


  1. Hi, this is jenicoe2001 from ehow! Thanks for your blog and great info! I just submitted my first link to Shetoldme!

  2. Thank you jenicoe2001, I do appreciate the support. I am still getting used to blogging, and am getting more comfortable with it. It does help me to hear that someone is finding the information helpful. I wish you luck on shetoldme. I enjoy the site, and earning extra money for promoting other work makes it even better


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