Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Featured Article

I have only been a member of Firehow for 10 days, and I have already had two featured articles. I woke up this morning to see my article on the front page, and it gives you a good feeling. I feel like my writing is being appreciated.

I am also enjoying the earnings from Firehow. I have already earned close to two dollars. I have been putting a few articles on every day, and have gotten the views that I need to earn a small amount of money from all of the articles.

I think any freelance writer looking for a place to write "How To" articles should look at firehow. I am also a contributor of Ehow, and love that site as well. I feel like both of the sites together will greatly increase my at home income.

I want to reach the payout by the end of the month, and how earnings has been going I believe that I can. I have $2, so I only need $8 more. It is possible, I will just have to keep submitting articles every day and watch the earnings increase.

Here is my featured article:

How to Teach A Child Good Work Ethics

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