Friday, September 10, 2010

PTC or Pay Per Action Sites

Well PTC (Pay to Click) sites is not something that I usually promote, but I do use a few of the sites. I have to say that I do not earn a great deal of money on these sites. I have came to look at them in a new direction though. I earn more from working 5 minutes a day on these sites than I do off of my savings interest. I usually make on average a dollar or so a week. I know it does not sound like a lot, but that is $52 a year that I did not have before. It is also quite a bit more than the interest in my savings account.

The problem with PTC sites is that you do not know who to trust. Before I discovered writing PTC was my main source of income online. I was scammed by so many that I had to find other options. There are still a few PTC sites that I am involved with, and also a few Pay Per Action Sites. I want to share them with all of you just to give you an option.

Of Course My Favorite Pay Per Action Sites:

Both of these sites have paid me quite a few times, and the payout is $30.

Now My PTC Sites:


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I have been paid by all of these sites. Butterflymails has paid me every week for the last two years in my paypal account, Myfreeshares pays when you hit $10. I have been having a few problems with Orangebizes though. They used to pay every week, now it is taking a month or so. It actually doesn't bother me because I just let the change build up, then I receive a lump sum.

I am sure that there are other sites that pay, but I wanted to share sites that I have personal knowledge about. With all of the above sites I make $300+ a year. I only spend about 10 minutes a day on all of the sites combined, so I don't feel it is a waste of time.

(The above earning examples is with no more than 3 referrals on the sites. I also have not paid for any upgrades on the sites.)

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