Monday, January 3, 2011

100 Firehow Articles

I have been with Firehow for about 9 months, and did not put a lot of focus on the site in the beginning. I have written more than 25 articles for the site since the beginning of December 2010 and reached the 100 article mark for the site today. I am actually very happy about this because my income has been increasing with my articles. I should reach close to payout every month now, instead of taking a couple of months to reach. Firehow is what I believe to be a great site, and has a lot of earning potential. I make a residual income of about $100 a month from Ehow with 400 articles, I honestly feel I could get close to that with Firehow if I keep working like I have for the last month. I have also made it to Firehow Expert Member!!

If anyone else had any success with Firehow, please let me know.

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