Sunday, September 9, 2012

Increasing AVON sales

AVON is one of the top direct selling companies for women, and is seeing a lot of men become direct sales reps as well. With AVON you have a small upfront cost, then unlimited earning potential. When you AVON sales in the best opportunity for you to make a real income with AVON. These are a few of the easiest ways to increase your AVON sales, and increase your earning opportunity.
Begin by using the easiest form of promoting your AVON business, word of mouth. Word of mouth will give you a great deal more sales if you are a good representative. Give each of your customers a great experience and they will promote your AVON business in return.
Offer incentives for referrals, new customers, and even large AVON orders. If you offer a customer 25% off there order for referring another customer that orders more than $25 you will increase your earnings. Both customers will order an average of $50. $50 will usually put you into a different earning bracket, so you will still be increasing your AVON sales.
Use yourself as a promotional tool to increase your AVON sales. Promote yourself everywhere that you go. I find the easiest way to promote yourself is to wear an AVON pin, and as many AVON products as you can. If you show that you are proud to be an AVON representative, and proud to show off their products, you will increase your sales quickly. People know the AVON name, they just need someone that sells the products.
Take AVON brochures everywhere that you go, and be sure to leave one anywhere that you can. If you are going to leave a brochure in places such as doctors' offices, be sure to ask if it is OK. The best thing about asking is that you may get the employees to order from you as well.
Have an AVON home party for your current customers, and have them invite a couple of friends. You should also invite a few people that you see as potential customers. Order at least $20 worth of AVON products for each person that RSVPs so that you will have products that people want then. If your guests want to order something that is not available, offer them an incentive for placing an order.
Set up an email reminder program for your customers. Most people tend to forget to place their orders, so sending out reminder emails could easily increase your AVON sales. For example; if three of your customers forget to place their $25 order you will lose $75 in sales, and most likely a profit level.

Increase your AVON sales by knowing all of your products. There will be customers that have questions about the products you sell. If you have no product knowledge, they will usually decide against the product. There are a lot of great tools on the YourAVON site, make use of them. Another way to learn about products is to give the item to someone for free if they will answer questions about it. This will give you first hand product information.

All of these steps are easy to do, and do not take much effort. If you do these steps on a regular basis you will increase of your AVON sales each campaign. Make a goal to increase your sales each week, and do everything that you can to reach the next pay bracket. There is a big difference in your profits if you earn a 50% commission, rather than a 30% commission.

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