Friday, September 21, 2012

Small Home Income Streams

Since I have been working exclusively from home I have considered sites that will give me a small income stream. In the past I had signed up for small income stream sites as well, and made a fair amount of money. These sites I am talking about are sites such as PTC, paid to search, traffic exchange, or other types of paid per action sites.

Are these sites worth the time?

I use Donkeymail, Inboxdollars, easyhits4u, MTurk and a few other sites that I make a small income on, but are they worth the time? I would say yes if you can do them in a small amount of time, or if you can do them while you are doing more than one thing at a time.

I make an average of .10-$1.00 a day on these sites each day, and I spend an average of an hour total on all of the sites. So all of the sites I work on I earn a total of about $2 a day, but I do them when i am doing other things such as searching for other ways to earn money, or coming up with article ideas for writing sites.


I think they are worth the time, especially if someone really needs extra money coming in on a regular basis. Some of the sites do take time, but learning to use your time wisely will make them worth the time.I will probably continue to use these sites even after I build up my income on the writing sites that I use. These sites will never allow me to earn a full time income, but they are a good addition to other income sources.

What do you think about small income streams, are they worth your time?

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