Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Home Income Weekly Update 2/23/10

Well it is that time again. Time for my home income weekly update. I have had a couple of days of discouragement this week, but I am getting through it. My main focus is to make a full time income from home, and it can be a slow process. It also takes a lot of work. I have to keep my focus on what I feel is important; working from home.

This has been another slow week for Google Adsense, but my other online income sources have been doing fairly well. I have made about $20 again this week, which is OK. It is $20 more dollars on my way to reaching my goals. I will be so much happier when I can report a great earning week, and provide an increase in my home income on a regular basis. I am a positive person, I will get there.

Home Income Goals For The Week:

  • Write at least 5 articles for each site
  • Update my Blogs twice
  • Promote all of my articles (Most have been promoted on a regular basis)
  • Find ways to increase my earnings on other sites, not just my writing sites

Monday, February 22, 2010

Plagiarism and Online Writing

Plagiarism is something that all of us online writers have to deal with, and it is very unfortunate. Some of these instances people may not understand what they are doing, and others is just plain stealing our content. When we have articles plagiarized we lose views, and when we lose views we lose money.

What is OK for others to do:

We like the sites that copy our introduction, then link back to our articles. This helps us build backlinks. Backlins help increase our level on search engines, and get more people to view our articles. Any links to our article is a good thing, unless they share the entire article.

What is not OK for others to do:

Plagiarism is not OK at all. This is when someone copies our articles or blog posts without our consent. Even if they make adjustments to the article, it is still your article. I had one person take one of my articles and used words with different meaning throughout, it was still stealing. I had it removed.

What you can do to have these articles removed:

  • Leave comments if they are allowed. Comment on there article or blog post, and provide a link back to the original article. Ask them to remove it immediately.
  • Contact the site and let them know about the incident.
  • Flag the content if you can. Explain why if you are asked.
  • Report the site to Google if they are using Google adsense.
  • Let the site you are writing for know about the situation. If the individual has stolen your content, they have probably stolen others from the same site.
Plagiarism hurts all online writers. It reduces our search engine rankings, it reduces our views, and it makes us lose money. We will never completely stop individuals from stealing our content, but we may slow them down if all of us watch for these issues.

I have personally went through a couple of sites and let the people that originally wrote the content know about the article. It took a little time out of my day, but it was helpful to the writing community.

If you are knew to writing:

It is great for new individuals to begin writing online, but they need to have basic knowledge. To begin with, never plagiarize other peoples work. It is wrong. If you want to use ideas from others, touch on the subject in a completely different manner. If you learn to respect other writers, you will begin to get respect.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Associated Content Clout

I have been writing for Associated Content for a little more than six months, and I have now reached clout level 8. For those of you who do not know, that means I receive a .05 earnings increase on every 1000 views. Instead of making 1.55 per 1000 page views I will make 1.60 per 1000 page views. It may not sound like much of an earning increase, but it adds up with time. I am sure that it I wrote more for Associated Content I would be moving up faster on the clout level, but I have been focusing more on Ehow. With this boost of earnings I may try to write a few more articles on Associated Content in the next few months, I just need to focus more on the upfront offers.

Now I have to focus on reaching clout 9. At clout 9 I will recive an even bigger increase. I will be making $1.75 per 1000 views. Clout 10 pays $2 per 1000, but that requires 1,000,000 views, so it will be a while for that goal.

I just wanted to share my increase with you all. When working on the internet, any increase is a good increase.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Discouragement With Online Writing, and How To Deal With It

In the last couple of weeks I have not received great earnings with my home income. It can be discouraging, but I am getting through it. I felt like I should do a post about how we all can deal with being discouraged with our home income.

I am staying positive by remembering what I am working for. I am working to reach my goal income, to work from home, have the benefits of being able to travel without worrying about finances, and basic financial independence. When I focus on these things I tend to deal with being discouraged much better.

What to remember:

You will not make your goal income in the first month or so working online. It takes time, patience, and determination to reach your goal income. Most people who make a full time income on line have been doing it for a year, or even more. These people worked hard at the things they wanted, and they have began to accomplish there dreams. We can all do the same if we continue to work hard, and remain focused on the dreams we have.

There is money to be made all over the internet, why should we not be sharing in this success. One person is no better than the next; it may just take longer for you to learn the things that others already know. If you do not have the knowledge of one online income source, learn it. There are many free resources online that can help us learn everything we need to know about making money from home.

What you can do to stay focused on your income:

  • Make a list of things you want to accomplish with your earnings.
  • Find visual reminders of the things you want.
  • Keep track of your goals and accomplishments.
  • Do not let people tell you what you cannot do. If you want it, you can do it.
  • Avoid procrastinating.

Some articles you may find helpful when dealing with discouragement:

How To Stop Procrastinating When Working From Home

How To Plan Your Work Day With Multiple Sites

How To Avoid Getting Discouraged

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Home Income Weekly Update

I would have to say that this was not a great week for my home income. I was not very productive. I am having publishing issues on one site, so it has distracted me a little. My earnings are average, so I am glad that my earnings have not decreased. My earnings were a little more than $20 for the week.

My Google adsense earnings have decreased, but that is probably because I have not been focusing on my blogs as much as I should. That is going to change. My blogs have been one of my biggest earners since I began, so I have to remain focused on all of my home income potential.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Helpful Tax Article.

I found an article on Ehow that will help with Ehow taxes. I think the article will help anyone that earns an income online, so I wanted to share it. It was written by Janet Ford.

How to Discover Tax Deductions for Your eHow Income

If you've been taking your ehow article writing seriously, and well you should, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the income listed on your 1099 form ehow will send you this tax season. You are responsible for paying taxes on that money as ehow does not hold back taxes since you are a freelancer, not an employee. A great way to offset that is by listing tax deductions applicable to your ehow article writing.

Read the Rest of the Article HERE!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bukisa Vs Associated Content (View Earnings)

I have been writing for Associated Content for almost a year now. I have published more than 200 articles, and I enjoy the site. I have been writing for Bukisa for about 3 months. These are the two site that I write for where my earnings are based on the views.

I noticed today that there can be a big difference in the earnings of the sites. You can earn more with Associated Content if you get the upfront offers, but that can be hard to do at times. I am comparing the views that I get on the sites, and the pay I am getting for those views. I promote all of the articles on each site in the same way.

Associated Content:

I have 213 articles published.

I earn between .15 and .25 a day on the views


I have 63 articles published

I earn between .10 and .15 a day on views

I have heard people saying that they are not earning a lot on Bukisa, but from this comparison I do see potential. If I had the same amount of articles published on Bukisa as I did on Associated Content, I would be making between .35 and .53 a day on Bukisa.

Of course there are always other variables on the earnings; SEO, keywords, amount of time the article has been published and how popular the topics are.

There are ups and downs on both sites, but they can be profitable if worked in the proper way. I do not plan on giving up on either site, and recommend both to potential writers. I just wanted to share my experience with the views. After comparing the sites I do see that I need to put more work into each of the sites to maximize my earnings.

Home Income Weekly Earning Update for 2/7/10

I have had an average week with my home income. I have spent a lot of time editing articles, promoting my work, and submitting new articles. I feel that the work will pay off in the long run, and my earnings will continue to increase.

Home Income Earnings were about $20, adsense went down a little for the week.

The focus for next week:

Submitting more content to Xomba, Bukisa, and Ehow. Submit each article to Submitexpress. I will also be submitting each new article to Shetoldme for promoting.

Update blogs 2-3 times for the week.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Xomba and She Told me, They are Earning!


I have been active with SheToldMe for a little more than a month, and I am seeing my earnings trickle in. I do have 2 people that I have referred, but neither of them have submitted anything. This means that the earnings that I am seeing is coming from the things that I have submitted to SheToldMe. I have submitted more than 500 of my articles on the site. In addition to the earnings that I am making from SheToldMe, I am getting earnings on the articles that I am promoting.


I have only been with Xomba for two wees, but I am begining to see earnings from the site. I did not have big expectations from Xomba because I have heard mixed reviews about the site, but I am enjoying it. I have posted 2 Xombytes and 35 Xomblurbs so far. The earnings are small at the moment, but they continue to grow on a regular basis. I am pleasantly surprised with the progress. In the next week I will be posting more on the site so I can increase my earnings.

I use both of the above sites to promote my articles and blog posts. I find them very helpful in getting traffic, and earning from the posts I put on the sites. If you write online these two sites are worth checking out. They make a great traffic tool, and additional earning source.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My At Home Income Monthly Earnings

It is hard to believe that January is over already. Well it has not been a great earning month in some areas, and it has effected the month. My Google adsense has been doing great, with a gradual increase. With more work this month I should make payout plus more.

My writing has been doing average, but one I have seen a big decrease in earnings. They have fixed some problems so I am expecting earnings to go up more in the next month.

January at home income earnings were about $150. It was a disappointing month, but February will be better.

February Goals:

Start one new blog
Promote each blog post
Increase my articles written on each writing site
Focus, there were a lot of distractions this month