Thursday, April 8, 2010

At Home Income Weekly Update 4/8/2010

Since I am back working a little more, I am beginning to increase my earnings. I did sell a few things on Ebay, and that definitely increased my earnings. I am having a yard sale next week and whatever I do not sell I will be considering putting that on Ebay if it is worth the time.

The writing has not been a big income for me this week, there has been problems on Ehow that are uncontrollable. That problem has decrease my Ehow income by more than $5 for the week. Associated Content has decreased in views, and Bukisa is not a big earner at all. FireHow has been a good site so far. I have had three featured articles on the site so far. The writing earnings could be more, and I am determined to increase the earnings.

I do have a few other at home income opportunities, and they have been doing fairly well. I am learning that all of the small home incomes do make the income increase. I have almost reached payout on Mysurvey, which is $10. I have reached payout on Mypoints, but I will be letting the points add up. I could cash out at $10, but it is a better value to wait for the $25 gift card.

I am half way to payout on Sendearnings and Inboxdollars. Once I reach payout on these two sites I will have $60 to add to my earnings. That is a great amount for reading a couple of emails each day.

My earnings this week were a little more than $135. If I did not have the Ebay items it would be dramatically decreased, so that was great to have.

Goals for next week:

  • Focus on writing sites other than Ehow
  • Begin to make a schedule again
  • Focus on my work, and not everything else in my life
  • Find ways to increase my earnings by even a small amount

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Changes In My Home Income

I have not been online much for the last week, but had a big surprise yesterday when I came online. Ehow is making a very big change, and I am not sure how I will deal with it. There are a couple of options; quit writing for Ehow, begin writing for Demand Studios, or write more for other sites.

I think I am going to choose the last on. I found a great site that is very similar to Ehow, but does not have as many problems. The site is Firehow. I have written 46 articles since I began a month ago, 6 of those were in the last couple of days. In this time I have made close to $3. Some may not think that is much, but it shows the potential of the site. If I continue to write on Firehow as I did on Ehow, I will make more money. More money is always good money when you are trying to make an income from home.

With the changes to Ehow I will still receive the income from the site, and then when I add Fire how the earnings will be quite a bit more. I am currently making around $80 a month on Ehow. If I write the same amount of articles on Fire how I can double those earnings. If I promote the articles on both sites, well you see where I am going with that.

I am very upset about the changes to Ehow. I am still undecided about what I am going to do, but I have options. With there being so many great writing sites on the internet I will be able to continue my writing. This is great to know since my writing is the biggest part of my at home income.

If you are interested in looking at my Firehow article please click HERE

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am Back To Work on My Home Income, and Sharing My March Earnings

I know I have been offline for a few days, and I apologize for that. Now I am back online and ready to start focusing on my at home income. Life has been a little difficult lately, but I am going to work on my at home income so I can reach my goals in life. The next month will be focusing on working from home. I have to get everything back in order and get things back on track.

March has been a pretty good month for my at home income. I had more than a $20 increase on only one of my sites, so that is a great sign for Aprils income. With my ebay sales and other items I have mad more than $165 for the month of March. This amount is getting closer to my goal earnings. I am just trying to learn more things I can do to earn money at home.

April will be a great month for me, or at least I am hoping. I want to focus even more on earning the income that I am hoping for. My focus will be on writing and all of the other online income sites. I will also try to find more things to do from home that do not have to be online. Once I get everything organized again I will be completely focused on my at home income.