Sunday, May 22, 2011

Update on Mturk

I signed up for Amazons Mechanical Turk (Mturk) a few weeks ago. I have to say that in the beginning I was a little skeptical about the site, but I trust Amazon. It took me a few days to get comfortable with Mturk, but I have been able to learn a little bit every day.

The first week on the site I made a little more than $7. This was the week I took time to look around and try to figure out exactly what I was doing. i spent approximately an hour a day on Mturk for the first week. I was taking low paying tasks that I knew would be paid that day.

The second week i did do a little better, almost $9. I spent about the same amount of time on the site, but I was experimenting with different tasks. I learned that you really need to watch the time you put into a task. Some pay very little, but take more time than it is worth.

The third week was much better, I made more than $32. During the third week on Mturk I missed a few days, but I found a few great tasks that I could do in a fair amount of time. I figured out the time I put into tasks averaged to be about $5-$6 an hour. I wouldn't say it could be a full time income for me, but it is a great addition for me. Mturk is also helping a lot with my recent maternity leave.

My Opinion of Mturk:

I have been working on Mturk tasks for a little more than three weeks now, and I have learned that you can make a decent amount of money in your spare time. The best ways to make money is to try different tasks and see exactly which ones you can do timely enough that the pay is worth it. I do not recommend taking something that pays you .01 and takes 3-5 minutes to finish.

Now if you have a few minutes to work on Mturk and there is not a large amount of tasks that pay more you can take a few of those just to give you a little extra income. I will take some tasks that average lower than others, just to work the time that I have open. It gives me a few extra cents going to my personal income, and I was not doing much else with my time anyway.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ehow has Made an Offer

I just happened to go into my Ehow account today to notice that Ehow is shutting down there WCP Program. I was actually very upset at first, but then I noticed that they were making me a very fair offer for all of my articles that I have submitted onto the site. They are offering me approximately 2.50 an article. Since my average time spent on an article was only about 30 minutes I feel that I have earned my time plus more on the site. I really wish that the site would not have changed like it did because I made a lot of money on Ehow.

Well I guess it is so long to Ehow. I will be going through my other sites and deleting any content that I had copied, since Ehow will own my content now. I am glad I did not put a lot of content on other sites. If any of you haven't checked your Ehow WCP for a while, I suggest doing it. They stop paying on the 5th of the month, and will remove all content that has not been sold to them by the end of the month.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Can You Make Money with Mturk

I had heard about Mturk before, but have always been a little skeptical. I finally decided to sign up for the Amazon site about three days ago. I have to say that in the beginning I was wondering around the site. I accepted a couple of HITS, but wasn't sure what would come of it. I spent about 10 minutes on Mturk and made about .20. Most of my time was trying to figure a couple of things out.

The HITS from the first day was approved very quickly, so I decided to try and earn more money. The next day I spent about 30 minutes on Mturk trying a few different HITS, and made close to $2. I have to say that I messed up and accepted a few that wasn't as easy as I thought, and received negative marks while wasting my time.

Since I began with Mturk I have made a little more than $5. I have not spent a lot of time on the site, only about 20 minutes a day. I try to do a few HITS that I can make the most money in the least amount of time. Doing this helps me get the most out of my time, and I can still focus on my other online income sources.

So Can You Make Money With Mturk?

In short, yes. Making money on Mturk will take a little getting used to, and you have to learn about the projects before jumping in. If you take your time, learn the HITS, and figure out which HITS are worth the time, you can make money. Within a matter of a few days I am halfway to the amount needed to cash out, and I have not spent much time on Mturk. I figure that I will be able to make quite a bit in my spare time during the day. I feel that every amount can make a difference in my home income, and my personal finances in general.

Fundraising for a Family in Need

I wrote a post the end of March explaining my efforts to help a family in need, and my efforts have been OK. With my online earnings I was able to raise about $200. I was a little disappointed about the website that I had created for her. There was only one donation of $100. I am thankful for the money that I have raised, but I am wanting to give her even more. I raised $300 for April, now I am going to try for one more month of fundraising for this single mom of three. I have a donate button on my blogs, and the website is Denise wade family fund. I appreciate every cent, every article you read, and any other donation that anyone can make. All of my May earnings and everything donated through paypal or the website will be helping the family. Thank you everyone.