Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hard Work Pays off

The last couple of weeks I have only been able to put about an hour a day into my online income. On my days off I put in about 3-4 hours, but I have not had many of those lately. Even though I have not been able to put in a lot of time, I am sure to work hard when i can. I have been reaching my goals, and even passing them in areas.

Since I have been really committing myself to my work, I have dramatically increased my income. This week alone I have made over $100 from a few different sources. Before I was not even hitting $100 a month at times.

I am not going to quit my job just yet, but I do see that I will be able to make my goal to be able to work from home. I am hoping that I can do it by the end of the year. My first semester of school will be basic courses, but the second one will be a lot harder. I am so motivated at the moment. I will be able to work from home soon, and spend more time with my son.

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All for My Son, he is a great motivator!

Friday, July 20, 2012

I am Changing My Writing Pen Name

I have been writing under the pen name Nonar21 for almost three years, but I have decided to make a change. I submitted an article to Yahoo a few days ago and they do not feel that Nonar21 is professional enough. After thinking about it, I agree. I am now going to go by my name, Nona Weeks. I believe that this shows companies that I am serious about my writing. I may not have always taken it seriously, but things have changed. I know that I can make a full time income online, so I am very serious about my writing.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Earnings Increasing

Since I had to leave my home a couple of weeks ago I have been putting a lot of work into my online income. Just like now; my only day off of work, been taking care of my son all day, now it is 10 pm and I am starting my online work day. I am tired, but so happy that it is starting to pay off.

My online earnings have increased by about 25% this week alone, and I know it will continue to increase. It is taking a lot of motivation on my part, but it is truly going to be worth it once I start really seeing a steady income every month.

Yahoo Voice has been the biggest increase so far. I have received three up front offers this week for articles that I had submitted, and my page views have almost doubled in the last two weeks. I do not know for sure what is causing the increase, but I am hoping that it continues as I continue to submit articles on the site.

My Firehow views has almost doubled as well. I have been submitting quite a few articles recently, but I am liking the increase of income. I have made payout this month already, which is $15. I know that is not a lot of money every month, but I am happy with the addition to my income. I am trying to put a plan together to submit 100 quality articles to Firehow each month.

I have not put much work into Squidoo, but I am still making a small amount of money each month. I have been reading up on the site, and see that there are people that make a decent income on there. I am putting together some lens ideas so that I can start to really see what potential Squidoo has.

The couple of blogs that I work on the most have been increasing in traffic, and I have seen a small increase in my income from them. My blogs are more of a way for me to speak my mind and get input from others, so the income from them is just a plus when it comes in.

I also have a few other miscellaneous things that I do online that is helping me reach my goal of earning a full time income from home so that I can spend more time with my son when I start school.I have been trying to put in more effort to the sites that I know will give me a higher monthly income, but I never forget about the small earners because they usually give me a steady income each month.

August Goals for my Home Income:

Submit at least 1 article each day to any site.

Write 25 articles a week for Firehow

Write 5-10 articles a week for Yahoo Voices

Stick to my schedule for everything

Be halfway to making a full time income from home

Monday, July 2, 2012

Feeling Stuck

In the last week my life has hit a wall. I had to leave my home and job in Divide, CO due to the Waldo Canyon Fire that Started last Saturday. My 12 month old son and my mom both had horrible reactions to the smoke, and I made a very had decision to leave for a short time. I am now in a camp site near Custer, SD.

We arrived here on Wednesday, and they have both been doing good with the fresh air. I have hit a wall because I am enjoying spending time with my son, and I am getting crap from my boss to come back now. I found a spot that has free WIFI, so I have been trying to do some work online. This has been helping, but now I am wondering if I should put more focus on my online career rather than dealing with the headache when I go back.

I love my job, but I do not make much at all. When I write online regularly I can make about the same amount. The only thing is that it fluctuates from month to month. I would love to spend more time with my son. I see this week that I have been missing a lot in his life, because I try to work extra hours when I can. I am also starting school full time in August, so I will be missing even more.

I know that there are people that make a good bit of money online, can any of you give me any more ideas about how to make more money from home? Times like these I wish I could just be shown what is best.