Thursday, June 19, 2014

Combined blogs. Please Check out the New Single Mommy Blog

I had been posting to a number of blogs over the last couple of years, but as of today this will be my only blog. I will post tips, money saving advice, live events, working online and more to this blog. Having too many blogs distracts me from posting quality content. I am also hoping in the next few months I can start a website that I can share more with everyone.

Thank you all for reading my blog. I know it has been a long time since I have been seriously involved with blogging and even making money online, but live has changes and this is a great form of income for me as a single mom. The income I earn from home will go towards the property I want to purchase for my son and I.

My blog is New Single Mommy Blog

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Squidoo Issues?

I was just wondering if anyone else is having problems with Squidoo? I have been a member of Squidoo since 2009 and have not had issues with any lenses I ever published. Until now that is. They have flagged 8 of my lenses and will not allow me to edit three others.

Some of the eight are decent earning lenses and they have informed me that all earnings from those lenses will be given to charity now. I am very upset about this and believe I will probably pull all of my work from the site. I have finally began receiving earnings from about 8 lenses and now I guess even those earnings are gone.

Is anyone else having issues? What do you guys think, remove or try even harder to get more published with the chance of them being taken away? 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Direct Sales Tax Deductions on Squidoo

Direct Sales businesses have many different tax deductions that can help you save money when you begin to file your taxes each year. When you have a direct sales business you should take advantage of all of the tax deductions that are available to you. When you do use all of your tax deductions you can greatly reduce the taxes that you owe each year, and in some cases eliminate the taxes you owe or even get a tax refund. When you are running any kind of business you need to know everything you can about your tax deductions.

I am not a tax professional. You should always consult a tax professional if you are unsure about your deductions. I personally recommend H and R Block, but just be sure you choose someone that is very knowledgeable about your work at home situation.

Here is a link to the rest of my helpful Squidoo Lens on Direct Sales Tax Deductions

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ebook Progress

I have been working on my Ebook when I can, and I am making progress. I have gotten a couple of chapters to my expectations and working on more. Ebooks are a true process and do take work if you are wanting to produce quality work. In addition to writing the ebook I am working online, going to school full time, and I am a full time single mom. I am happy with the progress I have made, and will be putting more time into it next week. I hope to have it completed in by the end of February.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reason I do not like selling on Ebay

I sell things on Ebay every once in a while to get a little extra money, but some buyers are dreadful. I recently sold an HP J3680 all in one printer for $16. With shipping and all it came to $30. It works, I just updated to a new one. I even included ink that I had recently purchased. It was left in the printer. Well the Item description said; used in working condition, with ink, shipping time three days.

The auction ended on a Friday evening, I told the man that I would send it on Saturday. I did not get to because of personal reasons, but it was shipped early Monday morning. I was sick, so I had not contacted him. Well Wednesday I checked my email. I had one rude email sent to me on Tuesday, then two rude emails sent to me on Wed.

This man it rude and lying, saying I did not include the ink. I made sure the ink was in there. Then he was griping saying there was a few scuffs on the side. I want to yell at him and say, you spent $30 on a used printer that runs $130 on eBay new. What do you expect? Even though I know it was not bad, it was USED.

I have purchased things on Ebay, and I know if I am purchasing something used that it usually comes with markings. If I am that concerned I will buy something new. He is lying about the ink, and I know it is in great shape or I would not have sold it. I would have donated it, or trashed it. I hate dealing with dishonest people. It makes me not want to sell anything on Ebay.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

$25 a Day Challenge

I have decided to challenge myself. $25 a day online is a goal I am trying to reach since I have been unemployed. No, this will not cover my expenses, but it is a good start. $25 a day will add up to about $750 a month. This amount does not even cover my full rent, but I have my sister living with me helping cover the living costs. There are days that I have made $25 or more online, but I am trying to get it consistent. I want to make $25 a day online, every single day.

Once I reach my goal of $25 I will reach higher. This is a personal challenge for myself. I have to stay motivated and keep working hard. I still have to go to school full time, and take care of my son. Even though I have a crazy life already, this is a goal I want to reach. I am willing to work hard, like now, 11pm and working. Wish me luck, and if you want to read more about my $25 a day challenge, read HERE!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Small Home Income Streams

Since I have been working exclusively from home I have considered sites that will give me a small income stream. In the past I had signed up for small income stream sites as well, and made a fair amount of money. These sites I am talking about are sites such as PTC, paid to search, traffic exchange, or other types of paid per action sites.

Are these sites worth the time?

I use Donkeymail, Inboxdollars, easyhits4u, MTurk and a few other sites that I make a small income on, but are they worth the time? I would say yes if you can do them in a small amount of time, or if you can do them while you are doing more than one thing at a time.

I make an average of .10-$1.00 a day on these sites each day, and I spend an average of an hour total on all of the sites. So all of the sites I work on I earn a total of about $2 a day, but I do them when i am doing other things such as searching for other ways to earn money, or coming up with article ideas for writing sites.


I think they are worth the time, especially if someone really needs extra money coming in on a regular basis. Some of the sites do take time, but learning to use your time wisely will make them worth the time.I will probably continue to use these sites even after I build up my income on the writing sites that I use. These sites will never allow me to earn a full time income, but they are a good addition to other income sources.

What do you think about small income streams, are they worth your time?