Sunday, August 26, 2012

Classes Start Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will start going back to school full time for business management. It is a very exciting and scarey step for me. Two of the first classes I will be taking is English and Writing. These will help me a lot in my future career path, but I think it will help me more with my online writing career.

I took a moment last night to go back and read a few of my first articles. I was truly upset at some of the grammatical errors that I had made. I think my interest and writing skills have increased dramatically since I started writing online almost three years ago. With these courses I am hoping that my writing skills will continue to increase.

I am hoping that I can continue to increase my online earnings, spend time with my son, go to school full time, and hopefully only have to work part time. This is a very big step for me, and I am hoping I will have the will to accomplish all of my goals for my son.

Read more about my life dreams for my son, and my personal goals:

My Life Dreams

Thank you all for reading.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Home Income is my Only Income

As of yesterday my online income is my only income. I was terminated from my job due to an injury I had at home. I would have been there for a year on the 30th, which would have given me FMLA. I am presuming that was the reasoning behind it anyway. I can not worry about why, I just have to worry about how I can improve my home income.

I am now focusing on promoting and contributing as much as I can, even though I am in a lot of pain from my injury. I have got to make sure I can take care of my son. Squidoo has been a big focus of mine, and I have to say I can see it paying off on the next payday. I have been reaching my goal of submitting articles everyday to each of my sites. Even if it is only one, I submit every day.

Now that I have more time I will be submitting a lot more. My goals for September is to write 100 Firehow articles, submit 40 lenses, and at least 40 Yahoo articles for upfront submission. I have one month to start earning more of an income online. I have to be able to help my son, he is the most important person in my life.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy with my Home Income Progress

The last couple of weeks have been showing great progress with my home income. My online income has been increasing and the views on my pages have been consistently increasing. Some days I am just impressed with how much the increase is. I am hoping that the income starts picking up just as much as the views from some sites.

My home income has been progressing too. I haven's started to make much of an income, but I have been working on recipes and other things. I made my first perfect batch of pepper jelly yesterday, and will be starting to work on other recipes to sell at the farmers market next year. I want to be sure that the recipes are perfect before I try to sell them. I would never sell anything that was below perfection.

I have also started collecting baskets to start selling gift baskets. The gift baskets are in the beginning stages, but I have a few good ideas to work with. I just want to be sure to make a profit on everything that I start. I am working on making a life for my son and I, so everything I do on line and off is extremely important to me.

One of my newest Squidoo lenses is about My Life Dreams. This lens is very important to me, so check it out if you would like. I love receiving feedback that can improve my work, or just hearing about other peoples struggles and successes.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Help with Direct Sales

Direct Sales is something that I have put effort into learning a lot about and I try to share things that I learn. I have put together a few great Squidoo Lenses about Direct Sales Business, Advice, and Direct Sales Taxes. It is always good to learn as much as I can, and these lenses can help people with direct sales and general home businesses. Check them out!

Direct Sales Business and Advice

Direct Sales Tax Deductions

Organizing Your Home Business

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Becoming a Work at Home Single Mom

Most of my readers know that my dream is to become a work at home single mom. I am working hard to accomplish this dream. I have been putting in a lot of extra time when I can to update blogs, write articles, submit Lenses, do surveys, and sell items on Ebay. I have to say it is taking a lot out of me, but I know that this is what has to be done to reach my dreams of becoming a work at home single mom.

What I am doing to reach my goal:

My other new project is selling items at the local Farmers Market. I made my first batch of Jalapeno Pepper Jelly today, and will be trying it to make sure it tastes as good as it should. Tomorrow I will be making Spicy Honey Mustard. Some other things I will be making may be; homemade crackers, peanut brittle, preserves, salsa and tortilla chips. I will not start selling at the farmers market until next Summer, but I want to perfect my recipes and get my ServSafe certification again. I am ready for my next big step in becoming a work at home single mom. All of the things I am trying to do will help me be with my son more, and I am excited as well as motivated. Life is going to get better, God will show me the way to make it all work.

I am hoping I will be able to share my success story with becoming a work at home single mom in a few month. This is a process, and I have to keep up my momentum for success. My son is the most important thing in the world for me. His dad is not involved with him, and pays nothing. I am his sole provider, and I need to reach this goal for him and I both. Thank you everyone for continuing to read and the support.   

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Do You Squidoo?

I signed up for Squidoo a couple of years ago, but never put much effort into the site. Squidoo is now one of my biggest focuses. I enjoy putting together the lenses, and sharing different things on one subject. Before now I did not realize how easy it was to put together a lens, but it is not very hard as long as you know about the things you are submitting.

I found a Squidoo lens a couple of days ago that truly motivated me. It was submitted by a contributor by the name of Janet21. The lens is Are you a Stay at Home Mom (or Dad) Interested in Earning a Monthly Income? In this lens she gives her earning proof, and I was honestly surprised that she was earning so much on Squidoo. Her earnings from 2012 so far is $14,063.83. I have not made this at my current job, and will not make much more than this by the end of the year. WOW! I am excited. I know that these earnings are not average, and I have a lot of work to do so that I can reach that amount. My current total online income goal is $1000 from all of the sites. If I could get that from one site, then still earn a great deal on other sites, I would be doing great.

If you have any experience with Squidoo please let me know. If you would like to share your Lenses on the comments I would welcome it.

My Top Squidoo Lenses:

Your AVON Business

Helpful things for Expecting Single Moms

My Newest Squidoo Lenses:

My Life Dreams

Tent Camping

Becoming a Work at Home Single Mom

If you read my newest lenses you will see that I am putting more of myself into them. I like sharing my experiences and dreams with the world. I have learned that you can submit higher quality work if you do it about things that you are passionate about.

Big Increase in Pageviews

In the last week I have been having a large increase in page views on Yahoo, Squidoo, and Firehow. These are my top earning sites and they are my favorite sites to write on, so they get most of my attention.In the last couple of weeks I have committed more time to each site, and the page views are consistently increasing. Compared to a month ago all three sites have almost doubled in average views.  I am very happy with my accomplishments this month. Now I have to continually increase my page views, which will take more motivation. I feel like I can reach my goals of being a work at home single mom, I just have to continue with my hard work.

I am off of work for the next couple of days, so I have to put in as much effort during these days as I can without sacrificing time with my son. I have been reading single mom success stories about working from home, and I know that I can make it happen.

My Top Earning Article From Each Site:

Yahoo-50 Direct Sales Companies

Firehow-How to be a Successful Single Mom

Squidoo-Your AVON Business

Yahoo is definitely my top earner at the moment because of up front payments, but Squidoo is becoming a great earning site. I have found that even if I do not make much on the site I can still promote my other articles. I think that it has been the biggest influence on my page views for other sites. I read one motivation lens that shared a moms Squidoo earnings. It stated that she is making more than $200 a month. This was a big influence for me, so we will see where all of my earnings go, hopefully they continue to grow.

Thank you for reading!