Sunday, August 26, 2012

Classes Start Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will start going back to school full time for business management. It is a very exciting and scarey step for me. Two of the first classes I will be taking is English and Writing. These will help me a lot in my future career path, but I think it will help me more with my online writing career.

I took a moment last night to go back and read a few of my first articles. I was truly upset at some of the grammatical errors that I had made. I think my interest and writing skills have increased dramatically since I started writing online almost three years ago. With these courses I am hoping that my writing skills will continue to increase.

I am hoping that I can continue to increase my online earnings, spend time with my son, go to school full time, and hopefully only have to work part time. This is a very big step for me, and I am hoping I will have the will to accomplish all of my goals for my son.

Read more about my life dreams for my son, and my personal goals:

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Thank you all for reading.

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