Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy with my Home Income Progress

The last couple of weeks have been showing great progress with my home income. My online income has been increasing and the views on my pages have been consistently increasing. Some days I am just impressed with how much the increase is. I am hoping that the income starts picking up just as much as the views from some sites.

My home income has been progressing too. I haven's started to make much of an income, but I have been working on recipes and other things. I made my first perfect batch of pepper jelly yesterday, and will be starting to work on other recipes to sell at the farmers market next year. I want to be sure that the recipes are perfect before I try to sell them. I would never sell anything that was below perfection.

I have also started collecting baskets to start selling gift baskets. The gift baskets are in the beginning stages, but I have a few good ideas to work with. I just want to be sure to make a profit on everything that I start. I am working on making a life for my son and I, so everything I do on line and off is extremely important to me.

One of my newest Squidoo lenses is about My Life Dreams. This lens is very important to me, so check it out if you would like. I love receiving feedback that can improve my work, or just hearing about other peoples struggles and successes.

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