Thursday, July 12, 2012

Earnings Increasing

Since I had to leave my home a couple of weeks ago I have been putting a lot of work into my online income. Just like now; my only day off of work, been taking care of my son all day, now it is 10 pm and I am starting my online work day. I am tired, but so happy that it is starting to pay off.

My online earnings have increased by about 25% this week alone, and I know it will continue to increase. It is taking a lot of motivation on my part, but it is truly going to be worth it once I start really seeing a steady income every month.

Yahoo Voice has been the biggest increase so far. I have received three up front offers this week for articles that I had submitted, and my page views have almost doubled in the last two weeks. I do not know for sure what is causing the increase, but I am hoping that it continues as I continue to submit articles on the site.

My Firehow views has almost doubled as well. I have been submitting quite a few articles recently, but I am liking the increase of income. I have made payout this month already, which is $15. I know that is not a lot of money every month, but I am happy with the addition to my income. I am trying to put a plan together to submit 100 quality articles to Firehow each month.

I have not put much work into Squidoo, but I am still making a small amount of money each month. I have been reading up on the site, and see that there are people that make a decent income on there. I am putting together some lens ideas so that I can start to really see what potential Squidoo has.

The couple of blogs that I work on the most have been increasing in traffic, and I have seen a small increase in my income from them. My blogs are more of a way for me to speak my mind and get input from others, so the income from them is just a plus when it comes in.

I also have a few other miscellaneous things that I do online that is helping me reach my goal of earning a full time income from home so that I can spend more time with my son when I start school.I have been trying to put in more effort to the sites that I know will give me a higher monthly income, but I never forget about the small earners because they usually give me a steady income each month.

August Goals for my Home Income:

Submit at least 1 article each day to any site.

Write 25 articles a week for Firehow

Write 5-10 articles a week for Yahoo Voices

Stick to my schedule for everything

Be halfway to making a full time income from home

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