Thursday, April 8, 2010

At Home Income Weekly Update 4/8/2010

Since I am back working a little more, I am beginning to increase my earnings. I did sell a few things on Ebay, and that definitely increased my earnings. I am having a yard sale next week and whatever I do not sell I will be considering putting that on Ebay if it is worth the time.

The writing has not been a big income for me this week, there has been problems on Ehow that are uncontrollable. That problem has decrease my Ehow income by more than $5 for the week. Associated Content has decreased in views, and Bukisa is not a big earner at all. FireHow has been a good site so far. I have had three featured articles on the site so far. The writing earnings could be more, and I am determined to increase the earnings.

I do have a few other at home income opportunities, and they have been doing fairly well. I am learning that all of the small home incomes do make the income increase. I have almost reached payout on Mysurvey, which is $10. I have reached payout on Mypoints, but I will be letting the points add up. I could cash out at $10, but it is a better value to wait for the $25 gift card.

I am half way to payout on Sendearnings and Inboxdollars. Once I reach payout on these two sites I will have $60 to add to my earnings. That is a great amount for reading a couple of emails each day.

My earnings this week were a little more than $135. If I did not have the Ebay items it would be dramatically decreased, so that was great to have.

Goals for next week:

  • Focus on writing sites other than Ehow
  • Begin to make a schedule again
  • Focus on my work, and not everything else in my life
  • Find ways to increase my earnings by even a small amount

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