Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reason I do not like selling on Ebay

I sell things on Ebay every once in a while to get a little extra money, but some buyers are dreadful. I recently sold an HP J3680 all in one printer for $16. With shipping and all it came to $30. It works, I just updated to a new one. I even included ink that I had recently purchased. It was left in the printer. Well the Item description said; used in working condition, with ink, shipping time three days.

The auction ended on a Friday evening, I told the man that I would send it on Saturday. I did not get to because of personal reasons, but it was shipped early Monday morning. I was sick, so I had not contacted him. Well Wednesday I checked my email. I had one rude email sent to me on Tuesday, then two rude emails sent to me on Wed.

This man it rude and lying, saying I did not include the ink. I made sure the ink was in there. Then he was griping saying there was a few scuffs on the side. I want to yell at him and say, you spent $30 on a used printer that runs $130 on eBay new. What do you expect? Even though I know it was not bad, it was USED.

I have purchased things on Ebay, and I know if I am purchasing something used that it usually comes with markings. If I am that concerned I will buy something new. He is lying about the ink, and I know it is in great shape or I would not have sold it. I would have donated it, or trashed it. I hate dealing with dishonest people. It makes me not want to sell anything on Ebay.