Monday, March 28, 2011

All of April Earnings will be Donated to a Family in Need

I know that I have a lot of struggles, and I need the online income that I do receive. There is someone that needs it worse than me, and I will be donating all of my April earnings to help them. I want to share there story so some of my readers may help if they can.

My sister, Denise Wade, has had a very hard time for the last 8 years. She has been on life support 8 times, had her pancreas, spleen, and part of her stomach removed. She has been diagnosed as a diabetic, and has ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). Just her transplant medication alone has a cost of $2000 a month. Denise is also on approximately 8-10 other medications that have a monthly cost of $1500 combined.

In addition to her medical problems Denise has recently been left by her husband of 16 years. She is disabled, and is a single mother of 3 great kids. In recent weeks she has learned that there is a big possibility of her losing her home because she is unable to keep up with the note. Denise has been blessed enough to get help with her utilities for the month of March, but has not been successful with any other help.

Denise, and her kids, needs my online income more than I do. I wish I could help them even more. I am also setting up a website in her honor, but it will not be active for a few days. As soon as it is running I will post it on here as well. If anyone know of anywhere that she can turn for help please let me know. I have been helping her find food pantries and other small places that help, but I do not want them to lose everything because of her not being able to work.

I will be putting a temporary Paypal donation button on this blog, and all donations will be given to the family to help.

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