Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Earning Goals.

With my progress for November, I have hi expectations for December. With the Holidays here I am going to try and focus when I can. I will also be leaving on the 13th for 7 days. I will continue to write on the vacation, but will not have computer access.

Associated Content:

Even though the upfront offers have declined, there is still things I can do on the site. I will write articles about my vacation on the site for upfront offers, so my earnings should increase. I will also try and submit a couple of articles a week.

My earning projection- $30
Articles Projected-10 additional


With the progress I have noticed with only 30 articles I will keep writing on this site. They pay over $3 for 1000 views, which is considerably higher than AC.

My earning Projection-$15
Article Projection-50 additional


I will show all of my updates for EHOW on my EHOW blog.

Ehow Blog and My at Home Income Blog:

I am still learning about the blogging world, so I am unsure of how the blogs will do. I am still going to give my projection, ans hope that my earnings are more than my projection.

Earning Projection-$25

My total earning projection for December-$350-$400. With a lot of work I am hoping to make this goal, and hopefully make more.

I am learning so much more about making an online income. I have not focused on SEO very much, but I am planning on using more of it in future articles. I also do not do a lot of promoting, but this month I will learn about more promoting opportunities.

This is a learning process, and I want to share it with everyone. There are a lot of people that are going through hard times, and need ways to earn additional income. I have been struggling for a while, but I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. These sites are helping me a lot. Not only with the earnings, but the learning experience as well.

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