Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Update.

Well November is over, and I have noticed some great progress. I am not looking at the total income as great, but the progress.

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I only wrote 2 articles for this site in November. AC slowed down on there upfront offers, so I have put my focus on my other income sites. I made about $10 in November off of page views. This is the lowest amount I have made on this site.


I just recently started writing for this site. I did not make payout, but have made a little more than $3. I am not disappointed at all, because I just moved some of my low income aticles from AC and EHOW.


EHOW has not had it's final update for the month, but I will post the update on my EHOW Blog when it does com in. It will be more than $120.

EHOW Blog and My at home income blog:

If you are reading this you know that these blogs are very new, but I have already seen profit. In the couple of weeks that the blogs been active I have made more than $7.

I also do a couple of survey sites, and both have made about $10 each this month.

With the above items and a couple of odd things I do every now and then, My monthly income is about $250. Give or take a little bit. With most of my ventures being very new, I am happy with the earnings.

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