Friday, December 4, 2009

I have been using my survey for a couple of years now, and I love it. I am nor telling you about this site to get a referral, I am telling you because I love the site. You can only get referrals on the site if you email your family and friends, or have a website that ensures you get signups each month.

This is not a site where you do surveys and have to put a credit card number on the site. This site asks questions about different spending habits your family may have. If you qualify for certain surveys, they may even send you products to try for them.

It does take a little time to begin getting earnings, but it is easy money.In my first year I only made about $100 on the site. This year I have made more, but I was surprised the last couple of days. I received 6 different surveys, and have made $15. This is not counting a free product I have gotten that would have cost about $6 in the store. I will also receive extra after I try the product and answer a few questions about it.

If you like giving your opinion about different products this is the survey site for you. I wanted to share this info because it is easy, and you make money by doing it.

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